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Stomach health support

  • HerbELICO® supports in maintaining a healthy stomach environment*
  • Essential oils in HerbELICO® cleanse the stomach and aid in restoring stomach lining*
  • HerbELICO® offers support for elimination of occasional stomach discomfort, bloating, stomach ache, nausea, bad breath, vomiting, unintentional weight loss*
  • HerbELICO® is BioHealth innovation developed by essential oils experts. It is backed by science and research
  • You can feel confident in its support

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

With essential oils from Mediterranean region

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For maximal results take HerbELICO® for 45 consecutive days

From day 1 to day 15:

4 capsules daily – two in the morning and two in the evening on an empty stomach, at least an hour before a meal

From day 16 to day 45:

2 capsules daily – one in the morning and one in the evening on an empty stomach at least an hour before a meal

Two packs of HerbELICO® are needed for treating acute symptoms

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Advantages of HerbELICO®


No Side Effects

No Need for Probiotics

Easy to Use

80% of surveyed users had success
Works gently  without side effects
Does not disturb the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract – does not require the use of probiotics
Easy to use since it is in the form of capsules




No artificial chemicals

Science behind HerbELICO®

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What are essential oils and terpenes?
Essential oils are plant extracts usually obtained by steam distillation or cold pressing from aromatic plants.
Essential oils contain complex mixture of volatile chemical compounds from plants named terpenes.
Each essential oil contains dozens of different terpenes, which are the essence of the plant’s fragrance.

How do essential oils and terpenes work?
Essential oils and terpenes exhibit antimicrobial activity*. They disrupt the bacterial membrane and interfere with integral membrane proteins, leading to cascade events of bacterial death*. Also, the chemical complexity of essential oils completely disables the microorganism to develop resistance*. HerbELICO® is a specific mixture of three essential oils with an exact chemical composition, which provides a gentle, cleansing effect towards bacteria in the stomach without harsh discomfort common to cleansing*. HerbELICO® is maintaining a healthy level of HELICOBACTER PYLORI in the stomach and thus supports stomach health*.

HerbELICO® is based on scientific facts and results stemming from seven years of research by HerbElixa cofounders and a team of reputed scientists and qualified researchers from the three universities from Europe and Australia, focusing on how essential oils of aromatic plants can support stomach health.
At the very beginning of the scientific research, 14 aromatic plants (hyssop, sage, rosemary, fennel, yarrow, tarragon, basil, juniper, wild thyme, lemon balm, lavender, mint, oregano and savory), grown in Mediterranean were chosen and their essential oils were isolated.
Antibacterial activity of the essential oils against stomach bacteria was tested in the laboratory.
Results showed that summer savory and wild oregano essential oils expressed the highest activity, whilst their mixture exhibited 4 times higher activity than individual oils.
The mixture of summer savory and wild oregano essential oils was then tested on infected mice.
The treatment was successful in 70% of cases, with no side effects (it was not cytotoxic, did not cause any immunomodulatory or allergic effects, did not alter liver enzymes ALT and AST, and did not induce expression of cytochrome P450 and heme oxygenase 1).
To increase the efficacy and complexity of chemical composition of the mixture of summer savory and wild oregano essential oils, thyme essential oil was added.
The mixture of these three essential oils with strictly defined chemical composition, was named HerbELICO® and was used for the development of the dietary supplement.
Further experiments showed that HerbELICO® is equally efficient against bacterial isolates from people from different continents, thus is suitable for use anywhere in the world!
It has been shown that HerbELICO® acts almost immediately after it came in direct contact with bacteria.
It has been proven that HerbELICO® successfully crosses gastric mucin in the stomach and acts equally powerful on the other side of the mucin barrier after only 30 min.
Finally, HerbELICO® dietary supplement was tested in a Customer satisfaction survey which included 40 users.
80% of surveyed users had success, which was confirmed by stool test.

t in its support

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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